While we can’t publicly share our personal relationship names on our website, just call us for reference names and numbers. Our clients have said a lot of nice things about us over the years. Here are just a few of them:

…I am in daily contact with Meyer Bennett Creative, and often use them as an extension of our own Marketing Department. Having worked with many other agencies over my career, I can without question rank Meyer Bennett’s responsiveness among the top.
Marketing Director, Scotts Lawn Service

…We often bid out creative assignments to multiple agencies, including our advertising agency of record, and will select Meyer Bennett’s work for their creative strength as well as their budget. Their creative output rivals that of larger agencies, but their responsiveness and budgets cannot be beat.
Marketing Director, Scotts Lawn Service

…Working with Meyer Bennett Creative was much more than just redesigning our prospective student viewbook. Through creative meetings and discussions, they made us think about who we are and what image we are portraying. After a series of meetings, they presented five different design options ranging from conservative/traditional to modern/edgy. All of them were really right on the money. And, each of them presented the information in an innovative and new way – it was really a question for us to decide how far we wanted to go in changing our style.  …We missed deadlines. They adjusted. We had a lot of copy edits. They didn’t flinch. We pulled pages at the last minute. They smiled and pressed delete…     Chief Communications Officer – Ohio State University

….The attention to detail, desire to deliver the best creative and product from start to finish and their passion for achieving brand goals makes all the difference.  Meyer Bennett has positively impacted over the years not only key sales driving initiatives for BRIO and Bon Vie but also the emotional connection we have with our guests and how they feel about our brands.  … I highly recommend Meyer Bennett to anyone who is not only looking for a creative agency, but also an extension and partner to help brands grow. Senior Marketing Director – Bravo Brio Restaurant Group