News on the Newsfeed – How Social Media Strategy is Changing in 2015

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News on the Newsfeed – How Social Media is Changing in 2015

In case you missed it, 2015 has already been a big year for social media. This month, we’re talking about social media and how it can help (or hurt) your business. Up first? Some of this newest tools in social marketing.

Twitter Becomes More Facebook-y Than Ever Before

If your favorite parts of Facebook are newsfeed, video posts, and Messenger – then good news! Twitter now has these things also. It’s taking what made Twitter unique and different (to a fault), and improving on how it delivers content to users.

The original appeal of Twitter was that equal importance was paid to every tweet, no matter who sent it. Over the years, that led to the anarchy that is your Twitter timeline today. It’s impossible to find anything, so many brands are tweeting five times an hour just to make sure they reach consumers. Twitter has been reduced to noise. In an effort to alleviate that, Twitter is introducing “While You Were Away” to filter popular tweets to the top of the timeline. It’s giving more importance to certain posts based on how many users interact with them.

To balance that out, Twitter is also providing new tools to get good content to the top of the timeline and keep strangers out of group conversations that register as ‘popular’. Native video in the app will let you record up to 30 seconds of video to tweet into the universe. Even speaking slowly, that’s more than 140 characters! These new videos will quickly become popular ways to get short messages out there. They’ll take more work than a text tweet, but last longer in the timeline thanks to “While You Were Away”.

On the other end of things, sometimes you don’t want a conversation to be public. That’s why Twitter has had direct messages for a long time. Now, you can have group direct messages. Mostly, this’ll be great for consumers to keep long conversations from reaching the tops of timelines. But you can also use it to your advantage. Have your social media manager DM a user who expressed concerns with your brand’s service and CC a customer service specialist.

Twitter has saved itself from becoming a money pit for brands. They’ve given you a reason to reinvest in their services.

Snapchat Adds Discover Mode

If you were wondering how Snapchat could ever support brands, your pleas have been heard. Snapchat Discover allows pre-selected content creators (National Geographic, Vice, CNN, Comedy Central, etc.) to share viral content with Snapchat users. It doesn’t seem to be personalized yet. Similarly, no plans have been announced to open this up to smaller content creators. This feels like a pilot for something much bigger.

Already hailed as the social media platform for millenials, we’ll see if this transforms Snapchat into a viable marketing platform.

Facebook Adds Native Video For The Hat Trick

Video, video, video. It’s all about video in 2015. Facebook already had that, but is now adding native video support to stay ahead of the pack.

In your newsfeed, you’ve probably noticed big videos begin to play automatically. However, have you noticed that YouTube videos don’t? In fact, they only show up small – and won’t play in the Facebook window at all. Facebook has even been claiming that YouTube videos are “incompatible” with sponsored posts.

No details on this yet, but best to keep an eye out in case you need to change your social media strategy in a hurry. You may have to upload those videos to two or more separate sites going forward.

How are you engaging customers online?

Hope that helps! We design and create branding for use across digital and physical mediums. The MBC goal is to create a unified branding experience across platforms. Meyer Bennett Creative can engage your audience no matter where they interact with your brand.

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