Nationwide Insurance planned an internal campaign to roll-out policy changes to more than 400 employees in one division. They came to us with the information they wanted to communicate. Meyer Bennett Creative developed a successful employee engagement plan from there.

The Project

Nationwide sales staff leadership needed to engage their employees on big change. They wanted to empower their staff and make sure they felt like part of the process. Most of all, they wanted this project to be educational, understandable, fun to participate in, and seamless.

The Solution

Meyer Bennett Creative immediately saw the potential for gamification. We took the standards that Nationwide defined and created the Pick a Pillar weekly games that was delivered to each employee’s email weekly. They’d answer questions about the new standards in order to have their name entered for a weekly prize drawing. The game itself was made fun with sound effects and colorful design that took a lighthearted approach to the training.

In addition, one magnetic exhibit was installed in Nationwide’s Columbus headquarters, and two smaller versions were installed at other Nationwide facilities. Each employee in the affected departments received four magnets with their name to be placed on these murals. They would place each magnet next to the  departmental standard where their job’s aligned. These colorful magnets filled up the empty space on the mural, visually demonstrating in the hallways how the whole department worked together to implement these new standards. This let the employees demonstrate teamwork to complement the individual interactive game.

The Results

Creativity is nothing without a purpose. The goal with Pick a Pillar was educational and employee engagement. Simply designing a beautiful handout on the new standards wouldn’t cut it. Instead, Meyer Bennett Creative engaged most employees through the unique gamification and interactive exhibit.

Trying to increase your employee engagement?

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