There are four sales guides to this series that helps Scotts LawnService technicians assimilate into their culture and learn their products. Two of them are printed and two of them are digital.

The first challenge was to make the guides make sense both visually, and from a readership point of view. We had to develop a hierarchy of information that would be easy to follow and view. The second challenge was to take a book that was traditionally printed, and transition it into a digital format to be viewed on a tablet. The tablet is carried by the techs as they work in the field.

The result is four newly updated, branded guides that accomplish exactly what was asked for. For the printed guides, We were able to condense and save money by combining information, thus saving printing costs. And the digital guide was made with a linked TOC that appears on all pages which makes it easy for both the technicians to use in the field, and the inside sales staff to use at their desks.




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